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Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Chatsworth, CA

Heating and AC Repair

On Time AC Repair Service

We strive to provide you with the best service in the industry. Our Air Conditioning repair technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and repair all brands and models of air conditioning systems. We provide 24 Hour Service even if you are calling after hours our on call technicians receive your messages.

Lower Your Energy Bills

As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to cut expenses and save money each month. Our goal is to help you reduce your energy bills during summer months. If you have an air conditioner running on a part that is bad or going bad, that will cause your system to consume more energy.

When do i need a new system?

The following signs may indicate you need a new system:

  • System is 15 years or older
  • Home becomes humid during use or uncomfortable after thermostat reaches temp.
  • System needs constant repairs
  • Home is not heated or cooled evenly
  • System is very noisy during use

Air Conditioning Repair in Chatsworth

Need Air Conditioning Repair in Chatsworth, CA? Call us at (818) 342-6307. We have Heating and Air Conditioning Repair technicians that service Chatsworth on the regular, chances are we have a tech near you. We provide energy efficient Central HVAC solutions for your home. More and more homeowners and businesses are looking for different ways to save money and “be green” by using less of our natural resources and doing our part in conserving the planet we live in. Which is why a lot of homeowners have taken advantage of our maintenance Tune-ups. Our service techs are equipped with a fully stocked vehicle with parts for just about any air conditioner in need of repair. 90% of all repairs on your heater and/or air conditioner can be taken care of on our first visit to your home or business.

We are the leading Air Conditioning Repair Contractor in Chatsworth. We have  been a part of the Chatsworth community and surrounding areas since 1995. Our repair techs and installers are certified and background checked to guarantee your safety in your home when having your air conditioner repaired or installed.

We are the largest residential Heating and Air Conditioning Repair, Installation and Replacement Company in the area. Helping people everyday to save a lot of money on electricity and do the right thing by replacing inefficient Heating and Air Conditioning units with new high efficiency HVAC systems. Pacific Coast is here for your Air Conditioner Installation and repair needs in Chatsworth, California!

  • We are available 24 Hours a day to take care of your heating and AC Repair needs.
  • We are experts with experience on all models of heating systems. Our service technicians are the best in the industry.
  • Immediate repair? You won’t wait for a repair! We have fully stocked trucks dispatched all over the Chatsworth and surrounding area to get your system operating quickly.
  • Helpful, friendly and tidy. When your heating or air conditioning system breaks down you’ll appreciate our helpful and friendly repair staff. Our uniformed, drug free, background screened repair technicians are highly trained craftsmen that will take care of any situation. We can replace your blower motor, capacitors, compressor or simply just relight your pilot.
  • Clear, up-front pricing with no surprises. Our repairs are calculated on a per-job basis, not by the hour. Each customer will know the full price before we begin.

24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair in Chatsworth, CA

Whether it is by power failure, system failure, storm, lack of maintenance or you tried to fix it yourself; whatever the reason may be, having your air conditioning system break in the middle of a hot day is no fun; if you’re a business owner, it can even force you to close down until your air conditioner is fixed. It can leave your home or business feeling downright uncomfortable and on some days like an oven with no one in your home being able to get a good nights sleep.

We understand that your AC system doesn’t wait for our standard business hours to give you problems, so we offer year-round after-hours emergency air conditioner repair and service.

Heater Repair Company in Chatsworth

We specialize in helping our customers reduce their energy consumption by replacing old heating systems with new, more efficient models. Our staff will lay out a plan for your home that addresses its unique needs and your budget. We provide local factory trained and certified heater repair technicians to your home, so whether your heater is making a strange noise or you need to replace your entire system, our friendly Heating service techs can assist you ASAP.

Everyone knows weather in Chatsworth is tough on air conditioners, but did you know it’s even tougher on heaters? Our wintertime temperatures can swing from day to day – causing starts and stops which equal excessive wear and tear on heating systems. And to make matters worse, many furnaces are natural gas-fueled, creating safety concerns as well.

We’ve got you covered. Our certified heating repair specialists arrive ready to diagnose and tackle any heating problem, large or small. Plus, we’ll thoroughly review your system to ensure it safely meets the heavy demands of winter use, and is ready for the off-season shutdown months as well.

So don’t get left out in the cold. Call us we will  show you what our heating repair expertise can do for you, we work for the comfort and safety of your home and family.

Is Your Thermostat Saving or Costing You Money?

Programmable Thermostats

Unlike traditional thermostats, which are set to just one temperature, programmable thermostats adjust the temperature in your home based on time or day.


  • Cost Effective – Since you can program your thermostat to change temperatures when you’re not home or asleep, this option allows you to save on your monthly bill.
  • Simple to Use – Although more complicated than a traditional thermostat, programmable thermostats come with clear and easy-to-use menu options.
  • Customizable – With seven different temperature options, you can customize your programmable thermostat to fit your lifestyle.
  • Energy Efficient – Since you’re not running your heating or cooling system as much when you’re not home, you’ll use less energy, making this thermostat good for your budget and the environment.

Schedule Repair in Chatsworth

We understand the importance of keeping your home comfortable when temperatures drop. That’s why we provide Chatsworth residents and business owners with exceptional heating and/ or air conditioning repair services that will have your unit back to working in no time.

When you’re scheduling Installation of your Air Conditioner or Heating System, you shouldn’t trust just any team with the job. 90+ percent of comfort systems are installed with an energy problem, often caused by improper sizing.  Our team of technicians are highly trained and able to properly choose the right size unit for your home. Most often homeowners ask, “Where can I find heating repair near me?”  or ” A local air conditioning company” The answer is here at Pacific Coast!

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